If you are missing all of your teeth, there are several dental remedies available to replace your natural teeth. One of the best options however are full mouth implants or implant-supported full bridges or dentures.

Full mouth implants replace all of your natural teeth as well as some of the roots. Titanium  abutements or “roots” are inserted into the bone of the jaw. As the jaw heals, these titanium roots become extremely stable as they bond to the bone. Artificial teeth or crowns are then affixed to these titanium roots. In the case of full mouth implants, you will likely not have a root for every tooth, but some of your artificial teeth will likely be supported by a bridge.

The number of roots that you will need will depend on several factors. Every patient is different and your dentist will work with you to ensure that your treatment gives you the best smile possible.

Compared to conventional dentures, full mouth implants have several advantages:

  • Look and feel like natural teeth

When it comes to finding a tooth replacement method that looks and feels natural, nothing beats implants. Not only do they look just like real teeth, but because they are so stable, they help you retain most of your chewing and talking ability. With conventional dentures, you may have difficulty eating certain types of food and it some cases, they can interfere with your speech.

  • Help protect the bone

When you are missing teeth, the supporting bone structure begins to deteriorate or resorb.  This can happen even with traditional dentures. This can cause the jaw to have a collapsed appearance and negatively affect your smile.

With full mouth implants however, the titanium roots help to preserve the bone underneath.

  • Long lasting

If cared for properly, you full mouth implants can last a very long time – maybe even a lifetime. Implants are cared for the same way that you would care for natural teeth – through regular brushing and flossing.

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