If you’ve been shy about your smile, or wished for straighter teeth, you’ve probably thought about braces for that brilliant smile. When you think about braces, you are probably brought back to high school and your teenage years and you’re thinking braces aren’t meant for adults but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign Braces have been around for a while and they are a great alternative to traditional metal braces. If your Thornhill dentist has suggested this style of treatment, but you’re still unsure about whether Invisalign is right for you here are a few benefits that will ensure you don’t regret your decision.

They’re Comfortable

While this form of braces is almost like a tray that you put in your mouth, they are surprisingly comfortable. The trays are made of a smooth plastic without any sharp or protruding edges so they won’t scrape against the inside of your mouth. Every tray is made custom to the shape and size of your mouth so it fits naturally.

They’re Invisible

Even though there are multiple benefits to Invisalign Braces, the fact that they straighten your teeth while completely invisible is probably the best benefit. This means you can attend big events and have memorable pictures taken without traditional metal braces in the picture. This benefit can be especially important for adults who may be self-conscious about having traditional braces.

They Save Time

Invisalign can straighten your teeth in just a third of the amount of time as traditional braces, depending on your teeth prior to starting treatment. Additionally, this type of treatment only requires an adjustment and check up once every six weeks while traditional braces and orthodontic treatments often require much more frequent appointments and check ups.

They’re Removable

While you do need to wear the traces for the vast majority of the day, you can remove them while you’re eating for comfort or while brushing your teeth. This can make everyday tasks much more comfortable and convenient than if you had traditional metal braces.

They’re Unrestrictive

With traditional braces, there are certain things you are advised against eating to make sure your braces aren’t damaged and stay in place. Foods that are chewy or sticky are no long offer limits and you can join in all the celebrations with your friends and family.

They Give You Better Oral Health

Having straight teeth is actually better for your overall oral health than dealing with overcrowding or gaps in your teeth. Having straight teeth makes it easier to care for your teeth so you are setting yourself up for better oral hygiene in the long term.

Give yourself a beautiful smile easily with Invisalign braces. The treatment is likely more affordable than you think, and your dentist can help you achieve that million-dollar smile – especially for any big event you have coming up.

If you think that Invisalign braces might be right for you, contact Sunlight Dental Clinic today for an appointment with one of our Thornhill dentists.

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